45° treatment terminal Vertical treatment terminal Horizontal&vertical treatment terminal Horizontal treatment terminal Cyclotron Injector Synchrotron

HIMM uses a cyclotron as the injector, and a synchrotron as the main accelerator. It can be equipped with horizontal, vertical, horizontal&vertical and 45° treatment terminals. Each terminal consists of the beam distribution system, dose monitoring and recording system, positioning verification system, online monitoring and security system. It is possible to offer the personalized treatment terminal layout according to customer requirements.



Radiotherapy 4.0

Energetic Heavy Ions——Ideal Therapy Radiation

Energetic heavy ions have characteristics of a high ionization density and a high relative biological effectiveness (RBE), culminating in a sharp maximum around the so-called Bragg peak. The peak energy depositions can be achieved three-dimensionally with a minimal risk of harming surrounding healthy tissue.

Physical and Biological advantages

 Energy deposition of carbon ion beams to sharp maximum at the end of the range (Bragg peak)   Less energy deposited into the healthy tissue surrounding the target tissue, causing minimal side effects   High relative biological effect (RBE) causing DNA double strand breaks  Low oxygen enhancement ratio, suitable for treatment of hypoxic tumors  Small beam size for high precision treatment  3D scanning and real-time monitoring  Particularly suitable for the treatment of refractory tumors



1957 The Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), Chinese Academy of Sciences was founded 1962 Launched the Sector Focusing Cyclotron SFC 1988 Launched the Separated Sector Cyclotron SSC 1991 Establihsed the National Laboratory for the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou (Nlhirfl) 1993 Started basic research 2005 Completed the shallow-seated tumor treatment terminal 2006-2009 Conducted clinical trial of 103 shallow-seated tumor patients 2009 Completed the deep-seated tumor treatment terminal 2009-2013 Conducted clinical trial of 110 deep-seated tumor patients
2015 Test running of heavy ion medical demonstration machine 2018.4 CASHIM was established 2018.11 Started clinical trial and registration test of heavy ion 2019 The clinical trial of HIMM Wuwei completed

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